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About ANDO

design with a balance of function and aesthetics.

The Architecture and Design Office is a collective of architects providing services in architecture, interior, landscape design, master planning and PMC services.

The creative team at The Architecture and Design Office (ANDO) is very versatile and has a huge amount of experience at its disposal. The four members of the team with their unique abilities and areas of specialisation ensure that ANDO is always prepared for any challenge they face. The firm’s key strengths lie in the design of institutional buildings, hospitality projects, healthcare initiatives, commercial buildings, retail spaces, catering to corporate requirements (buildings and interiors) and large scale residential structures.

The collective has a unique approach to its work as it always ensures maximum utilisation of resources and deliver a sustainable design product of the highest quality by adhering to the set budget. Recent projects of the team have seen the design of eco-friendly buildings, and the development of a unique design style that accentuates the effect of the natural environment on the buildings built.



All elements of the architectural problem and requirements of the client are carefully examined in order to find the most efficient and appropriate solution. The team views itself as ‘facilitators’ rather than merely architects or builders and often use interviews and observation sessions in order to carefully factor in all the requirements.


Once the information has been collected and analysed the team then carefully synthesises the optimal approach and then begins to render the building of your dreams. All the buildings that ANDO designs adhere to a concrete vision, all the elements are consciously conceptualised by adhering to the same.


ANDO’s thorough approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in order to deliver our partners the best building possible. The uniqueness of the collective’s composition coupled with the vast amount of experience and knowledge available, we can respectfully state that our buildings have a soul.


Ar. Nanda Kumar

Principal Architect

Ar. Aparna Bidarkar

Principal Architect – Interior Design and Project Management

Ar. Vishwa Shilpi

Principal Architect – Design and Planning

Ar. Rakesh Vasu

Principal Architect – Architecture and Interiors

All India Stone Architectural Awards, 2016
Commendation for Landscape
The Nurturing Hands – D. Ramanaidu Memorial, Hyderabad.

TRENDS Excellence Awards 2014
Commendation – Hotel Avasa
Also been featured in the Archdaily and Archiworld magazine 

IIID AP Chapter Awards 2009
First runner up in Interior Design for Residential spaces
MYK Laticrete 

All India competition for Comprehensive Development Planning
First position
60 acre project Bapu Ghat under Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, in memorial of Mahatma Gandhi.

Comprehensive Development planning for Buddha Vanam
Third position
An All-India proposed Buddhist Learning Centre in 279 acre land in Nagarjunsagar, Andhra Pradesh.

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